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Life Is Better When You’re Laughing

There is nothing better to lighten a bad mood than laughter.

Not a just smile or quiet giggle, but full on belly hurting laughter. The kind where it’s hard to breath, where tears roll from your eyes or in severe cases, milk coming out of your nose type laughter.

Laughter can change your mood in an instant. It’s like undertaking a bad mood detox.

Problem is, when the stress, the chaos of the day, the monotony of routine or any one of another hundred reasons constantly bombards us, laughter can be somewhat scarce.

I admit it’s difficult to laugh when you don’t feel like it because of the crap going on in your life, but you have to realise, laughter is an essential building block to improving difficult situations.

The better you feel, the less problems bother you, and the lower the negativity around you, the more you can focus on solutions. And, solutions flow easier if your mind-set is positive.

This is what laughter does.

So, how do you laugh, and I mean really laugh?

Here are a few ways to lift the mood.

  • Go see funny movies
  • Search for hilarious blogs
  • Spend time with some upbeat friends
  • Watch re-runs of The Big Bang or similar
  • Play with your children and let their laughter and happiness infect you

Try it when the mood is grey, force yourself to smile and watch how contagious it can be.

And, if you can’t, as they say, fake it.

People don’t like grumble-bums, they like happy.

Give it a try for a week and let me know what happens.

Hope you liked the article…

What lightens your mood?  Let us know…

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