Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere.

Do parts of your life sometimes feel like that?

All worry does, is create confusion about what might or might not happen. It creates unnecessary stress, ties our stomach in knots, clouds our judgement, causes anxiety and delays momentum.

Worry, if kept unchecked, can consume you and in extreme cases, destroy your life.It is a total waste of time and an unneeded burden on our emotions. 99 percent of things we worry about never eventuate, so why not let nature take its course while you get on with living?

Change your approach to problems.

There is a difference between worry and solution-based thinking…

Worry alone, is seeing the negative side of a problem without looking for solutions. If the problem is continually focused on and not kept under check, it can take you down a rabbit hole with worsening consequences. Continued worry can also help bring the problem to fruition.

What you focus on is what you create, GOOD or BAD.

Solution-based thinking is being aware of the potential difficulties but being proactive in searching for ways to overcome them. The focus is on solutions and not the problem.

Worry is directly related to FEAR, and while fear can keep you safe in dangerous situations, it can also hold you back when it shouldn’t.

Do you want to hold yourself back or do you want to experience life to the fullest?






False Expectations Appearing Real, that’s all fear is.

Ask yourself, is the problem really a problem or is my mind creating it?

How to overcome Fear…

Step 1.  Don’t panic

Step 2.  Don’t jump to conclusions

Step 3.  Calmly, assess the situation

Step 4.  Immediately look for solutions

Step 5.  Choose your best solution and TAKE ACTION. Don’t give yourself time to think, what if this or what if that, just do it.

Reject the FEAR, it will slow your thinking and hold you back.

On reflection, learn from it.

Of course, there are always extenuating circumstances, but they are few and far between. Keep a calm head, and be solution orientated.

When something comes up today, my immediate thought is, to ask this question, how can I solve this, and ultimately, what can I learn from it.

Be FEARLESS and tackle life head on.

The more fears you conquer, the more you will be open to new experiences and new opportunities. In time, you will actively go out to challenge your fears. Nothing will hold you back.

We all die one day, it is more important how we live, that truly matters.

Remember, everything will be alright in the end, and if its not, its not yet the end.

Yours in Extreme Living,

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