Word of the Week

Today's Word is: PAIN


Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, it may last a year, but ultimately it will diminish, and a new-found strength will takes its place.

If however you quit, it lasts forever. No matter how small the act of giving up is, it will stay with you forever, and soon builds and becomes a life-long habit.

So when you feel like quitting, ask yourself, would I rather life with short-term discomfort, or life-long pain?

Many things worthwhile can only be achieved if you are willing to go through some pain. In accomplishing your goals, you will have to makesacrifices and overcome many challenges.

Always remember when faced with adversity, the pain will eventually subside and that the rainbow is on the other side.

Even though you might not understand or want to go through the emotional aspect of the pain, something better is always on the other side, something stronger, some kind of lesson, some kind of gift. Even extremely traumatic experiences like death, can teach us our most valuable lessons, like, how precious time is and to treat everyone with love.

My 9-year old sister had been sick for just on three years when she passed away. She taught me so many lessons, lessons that moulded my life, like the spending quality time with loved ones and compassion for starters. I thank her for her maturity well beyond her years.Even though it still hurts, her gift is stronger than the pain.

Even though hard at the time, try to look for the blessings and lessons in any hardship.

When going through pain, constantly remind yourself of your goal and use that as your driving force and reason never to quit.

When it hurts – observe, life is trying to teach you something.

The saying, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ is more powerful than you may think. The next time you come across the same difficulty, you will just flow past it like water, thinking what was the big deal last time. Eventually, no matter how hard the difficulty, your trained mind will know it’s nothing but a challenge and lesson in disguise.

Pain is not permanent. Quitting lasts a lifetime.

Once you have learned your lesson, the pain will leave.

Many people have taken their pain and turned to good, where they end up helping other people overcome similar hurts. Can you turn your pain into a positive driving force for good?

Whatever pain you are going through right now, remember it is only temporary.

Let us know how you have overcome pain. 

Think about this for a week and let me know your thoughts.

Hope you liked the article…

What lessons is your pain trying to teach you? Let us know.


The past is the past and the future does not exist,
There is only now and what you do with it.


Life is a Daring Adventure or Nothing at All