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The beginners guide…

Not all protein is the classed the same.

You have 3 types of protein powder …

  • Complete Proteins – The best kind
  • Incomplete Proteins – Needs to be blended with other proteins to make complete
  • Complementary Proteins – This is a blend of plant-based proteins to make a complete protein

Whey protein powder is a complete protein. Whey powder contains a large range of amino acids which are designed for the body to absorb quickly.

Scientific studies show whey protein along with other complete protein powders help the body …

  • Preserves and repairs muscle mass
  • Lose weight and fat
  • Manage stress levels
  • Boost immunity levels
  • Increase muscle size and strength
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Balance sugar levels

And, that’s not all, whey protein also contains stacks of other nutrients as well.

Whether you want to use whey protein as a supplement for pre-and post-exercise or to boost your daily protein intake, protein is an essential building block to every part of your body. Without protein, you don’t exist!

What is Whey Protein?

Whey is made when during cheese production where the liquid part of the milk is removed.

The fatty parts of the milk thicken during cheese manufacture and the whey is then removed as a by-product. The whey is the left-over watery part of the milk. An example of whey is where you open a yogurt and see the thin liquid floating on top.

Whey used to be thrown away before the commercial value was realised.


Whey protein is a further process where the proteins have then been removed from the whey. Normally seen in a powder form for use in protein  shakes, energy bars and meal replacements.

Milk contains 2 types of main protein …

  1. Whey (about 20%)
  2. Casein (about 80%)

An inactive body requires 46 grams per day for women between the age of 18 to 70 and 64 grams per day for men. This increases for people over the age of 70 by 10 grams.

Of course, age, sex, build and activity level also play a factor in how much protein needs to be consumed. People who are growing muscle, highly active, growing, pregnant, breast feeding or have been ill need to increase their protein intake to suit. Check with your medical professional for advice. Natural whey protein powder is normally flavoured as the natural protein doesn’t taste great on its own.

These are the most popular flavours …

  • Chocolate whey protein powder
  • Vanilla whey protein powder
  • Strawberry whey protein powder

If you may be lactose intolerant, get a whey isolate protein powder as the protein is further refined and more easily tolerated for lactose intolerance.

The main kind of whey protein is called whey protein concentrate, it contains about 70 – 80% protein, some lactose and fat.

Isolate Protein has 85% protein or higher, less fat and lactose, but is missing some of the nutritional ingredients concentrate protein has.

This is not a big deal as the missing nutrition can be consumed from a healthy diet.

Important note for smart buyers, whey protein is the cheapest.

If you are allergic to whey protein, try a plant based protein instead. Ensure it’s classed as a complete protein to gain optimum benefits.

Make sure you check the ingredients before buying, because although containing some healthy nutrients, there also maybe some unhealthy ones as well such as refined sugar and preservatives. There is a lot of false advertising out there, particularly in so-called energy bars, so beware.

What is Whey Protein Used For?

Whey is used mostly by the fitness crowd for

  • Fast absorption compared to other proteins
  • Serves as a building block for increased muscle growth and repair
  • Increased strength
  • Fat loss

It is generally used directly before and after exercise for optimum benefits.

It is also used by people who are protein deficient or on a diet lacking protein.

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