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An extract from the XTL Journals

It’s probably not what you think.

Extreme living is living life to the fullest every day.

Although fun, it’s not necessarily about bungy jumping, skiing double blacks, climbing mountains or swimming with sharks.

People who practice extreme living, love life and choose to live their life to its maximum potential. 

Extremists as they are called, believe life should be a challenge, both physically, mentally, socially and of course all while looking after their health and wellbeing.

They intend to milk every second from life.

They regularly push themselves and opt to live outside their comfort zone rather than in it.

They believe we as humans, were not designed to sit on our bums watching TV or glued to a computer screen. Although not adverse to technology, they believe it should enhance our lives and not rule them.

They want a life filled with…

  • Learning
  • Joy
  • Exhilaration
  • Beauty
  • Love
  • Friends
  • Challenge
  • Stories
  • Journeys
  • Limitless Possibilities.

They want to push themselves to see what they are capable of, what they can achieve and who they have become when all said and done.

Extremists believe an easy life void of challenge, makes a person lazy. Too much food, too many creature comforts and no exercise is harmful to the body as well as the mind.  

They believe the majority of people are sleepwalking through life and worse than that, are passing this zombie-like state onto their kids. Time to wake up people.

Extreme Living is where a person wakes up early and has one agenda on their mind…

How can they live their best life?

  • How can they improve on what they did yesterday?
  • How can they live a healthier life, a more active life?
  • How can they be a better person to those around them?
  • How can they improve their financial situation?
  • How can they be a better provider?
  • How can they be a better parent?
  • How can they be a better spouse?
  • How can they be more loving?
  • How can they be better at everything they do?
  • How can they get more out of their day?

If this sounds like you or is something you aspire to be, here are more than a few things you can do…

  • Don’t eat junk food or fast food
  • Exercise for at least 1-hour every second day
  • Become a flexitarian – reduce the amount of meat you eat
  • Don’t watch other people living their lives – live your own
  • Take the stairs where possible
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t do drugs
  • Read a book every week
  • Create a playlist of your all-time favourite songs to inspire you
  • Don’t accept mediocrity or a settled for life – You are not AVERAGE
  • Never retire
  • Work Less, Work Smart, Work Hard
  • Find a way to give back
  • Find a mentor
  • Look for beautiful things
  • Don’t worry
  • Don’t lose control – Be monk-like
  • Meditate
  • Belong to a group, one with weekly interaction with others
  • Don’t drink energy drinks
  • Don’t eat sugar-based products
  • Don’t eat high carbohydrate level foods for your evening meal
  • Get regular massages
  • Face your fears
  • Continually challenge yourself
  • Travel extensively
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol – Once a week and 1-2 drinks only
  • Limit computer games to 1-hour per week
  • Get back to nature
  • Try something new every 90-days
  • Keep a journal

Splurges or Binge watching

Once a month allow yourself a day to do anything you want apart from anything harmful to your body. Ice-cream is allowed on your splurge day.

Extremists above all else, believe and live life through the Japanese word…

KAIZEN – Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement

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Yours in Extreme Living,


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