XTL Extreme Living Membership


  • A complete life guide via one weekly lesson – delivered via email
  • Short lessons – no more than 5 to 10 minutes
  • NO CONTRACTS – stop payments at any time
  • First lesson FREE just to try it out
  • One weekly Word of the Week – delivered via email
  • Word of the Week is a powerful way to change the way you look at life and reinforces the weekly lessons
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Why only $9.97, that’s ridiculously cheap? That’s close to the price of a cup of good coffee.

It’s set as low priced because… I have bought the programs worth thousands and honestly, they are not worth what people charge for them.

I want the whole world to have access to this information and it doesn’t matter what country you live in, or how much you earn, everyone deserves a chance to improve their life.

That’s why it’s $9.97 and not $597 or $5,997.