How to Live a Better Life

What is our Purpose

To recap…

The best way anyone can start to improve their lives is to continuously ask questions with “Am I …” at the start.

  • Am I happy
  • Am I living in the moment?
  • Am I eating well?
  • Am I being the best I can be?
  • Am I … a million other things

The overriding principle to becoming a better person is to always do the right thing and do it well.

Think about what you do before you do it and, if it isn’t moral………..

  1. Be grateful for what you already have. Continual want and desire for immediate gratification creates stress, worry, impatience and unhappiness, be thankful for what you already have on a daily basis and set realistic goals with a time-line for the things you want in the future. It will change your perspective.
  2. Plan your day the night before. Successful people start their day, a night or more before. Having a to do list allows you to sleep better and often give you solutions to things as you sleep.
  3. Start your day off right.Health and Fitness at the start of the day gives you energy and boosts your confidence.

What you do between 5 and 7 am sets you up for the day. Starting the day right will flow onto everything else you do.

Wake up early and DO NOT touch the phone or check emails until after your personal morning routine is finished. No exceptions. Some of you might have to go into rehab for that one. Many people have a tendency to complain rather than celebrate, choose to celebrate to lead a happy and How to live a better life.

Eat a healthy, non-sugar breakfast.

To tell you everything about what and what not to eat would take too long, but you can link to the full list form here

Here is the abbreviated straight to the point version…

  • Avoid sugars
  • DO NOT consume preservatives
  • Eat lots of vegetables
  • Eat several portions of fruit per day
  • Boost your protein input, specially if you are older
  • Eat lots of fish
  • Eat lean white meats
  • Stay away from fatty foods and fried cooking
  • Limit your carbohydrates and do not eat during night meal
  • Make your night meal a smaller one
  • Eat smaller meals more often
  • Stay away from red meats. That’s not to say, when you go out for a meal and enjoy a good steak like I do, you can’t have one, but everything in moderation.

Fitness – If you have not exercised for a while, see a doctor before you start for a tick of exercise approval.

On exercise days, have some type of protein meal or shake before and after to aid muscle recovery and to build muscle.

Assuming you haven’t exercised in a while…

  • Set exercise goals and a targeted weight if required
  • Start slow with walking, running or riding and gradually build distance
  • Get a personal trainer if you can
  • Watch YouTube videos for correct exercise techniques
  • Start exercising at least every second day and build slowly depending on your current fitness level

The 4 types of exercise you need…

  1. Cardio for the heart
  2. Strength for you muscles
  3. Flexibility to stay limber
  4. Balance for stability

Exercise along with a healthy diet will boost your stamina, increase your vitality and kick-start your day in the right direction.

4. Find and manage your ideal weight. Weight loss is really easy if you know how, it’s the part between our ears that gives us trouble.

5. Let the past be the past.How can you get on with life if you are living in the past? Everyone has past dramas and ‘stuff’, once and for all let it go and move on with your life.

6. Don’t live in the future. Besides being an impossibility, it sets the life of, ‘I’ll be happy when’ way of thinking. Yes, set your goals and work towards them, but live in the moment.

7. Live in the moment. Whatever you do, give it 100% while doing it. Don’t play on your phone while you are supposed to spending time with the kids. Plan you day and do one thing at a time. The moment you try to juggle or multi-task, your efficiency drops, and the task is never done as well or as efficient as if it were your only job.

8. The One Thing. Trying to do too many of anything will result in spinning plate syndrome. You can have multiple everyday priorities, but limit your goals to a minimum. Too many things going on at one time will result in overload and limited or average success. And, there’s always the chance of failure through burnout or something else.

How to Live a Better Life9. We have many types of relationships, some close, some distant and some you would like to avoid like the plague. Whatever the relationship, be the better person, treat everyone with respect and bite your tongue if need be. Sure you could win an argument or point of view, but do you really need to?

10. It’s NICE to be important, but it’s more important to BE NICE. It costs nothing to be nice, and you never know what the other person is going through in their personal life. So, just be nice.

11. Act with Integrity. Integrity is absolutely essential for success in all areas of life. It sets the standard in everything you do. Integrity is telling the truth no matter what. Sometimes the biggest lies we tell are to ourselves. What stories are you telling yourself to avoid facing the truth?

12. Paying attention. The closer you pay attention, the closer your relationships will be. Put down the phone or stop whatever you are doing and give the conversation your100% focus.Your kids will notice, your friends and work colleagues will appreciate it. People will actually see that you are genuine instead of being half-hearted in listening. Yes, people do notice.

13. Do the right thing. Always do the right thing, it will pay dividends eventually. As simple as taking your shopping trolley back to the trolley rack instead of leaving it where other cars might get dented. Small effort, but powerful action and a habit that will permeate your whole life.

14. Do whatever it takes. This attitude has power, and this is what other people will recognise you for. You will be the person people go to, to get things done, because they know you will not let them down.

15. Go the extra mile. How often do you go the extra mile? Do you more than you should, or just enough to get by?

Going the extra mile will always pay you in ways you will not expect. It may not come from where you would expect, but it will come.

16. Communication. How do you communicate? Is it friendly, cold, rough or business-like? Every time you communicate is an opportunity to make an impact and present yourself.Do you communicate like the person you want to become?

17. Are you on top and in control of your Money situation or is it a day to day struggle? Money is one of the biggest stresses of life. Creating an accurate budget is key to staying on top of you cashflow. Take note of what you make and how much you spend to the cent, then work out what you can reduce, and look for solutions to increase your income.

18. Inspiration. There are 3 types of inspiration…

  • Family motivated
  • Success or purpose drive
  • To gain or avoid an outcome – weight loss for example

Each one can defeat procrastination if the drive is big enough. We can also be inspired by beautiful things such as nature. Whatever your desire, use inspiration to keep you on track and when doubt shows up, think of the reason why you are doing it.

19. You. In order to succeed, you need to look after yourself. Leaving yourself to last, is a recipe to fail or to get so disgruntled, you quit or just give up trying. Every now and then, go out and treat yourself to a massage, some personal quiet time or even going for a walk-in nature. A regular recharge is often just as good as a holiday.

20. Do things properly. Do something do it well, wash the dishes, do it well. Doing everything well will a habit, a good habit. Don’t do things to live a better life

21. Goal Setting. Goals are the thing that make your whole life worthwhile. They give your life meaning. Big goals, little goals, slow goals, fast goals, goals that are fun and goals that leave a legacy. Goals are essential to keep us motivated and jumping out of bed in the morning.

If you don’t have goals and life direction, remember this, someone else will make one it up for you.

And when you do achieve your goals, don’t forget to reward yourself.

22. What brings you joy? Is it petting your pet, walking in nature, spending time on your hobby or something else?Use it to destress and unwind. You can’t continue to go full steam without taking time out every now and then. An unwind every now and then, can actually help make you more productive.

23. Adventure bound. Are you sitting on the couch watching re-runs of some else’s life, or are you out there living life and creating your own adventures and memories? Think about it…

24. Learning leads to success. When was the last time you read a book, listened to a podcast or sat in a seminar. If you truly want life to be better, then you need to educate yourself.

I asked my 8-year old son the other day, where did he learn a word like that, and he replied, “from a book I read”. He said, “I learn lot of new words they don’t teach me at school from books”.

Once your goals are set, chances are, you will need to learn some new skills?

25. Emotions are a double-edged sword. Both positive and negative emotions play an important role in our lives and are critical to decision making and even our memory. Some emotional moments are burned into our brain where others are a bit hazy or hard to recall at all.

Emotions can also cloud our good judgement when we are looking at buying something. Many marketing companies and shops use presentations and techniques to make us feel good, hoping it will entice us to buy. The rule of thumb is, the flashier the presentation the faster you should run. If unsure listen to your heart and not your head.

26. Grow up. Do you still act the way you did when you were younger? Do you still talk the same, drink the same, drive the same, not have a care in the world?

Eventually, we have to grow up and ask ourselves the question, is what I am currently doing, getting me closer to my goals or do I have to make some changes?

27. Attitude adjustment – Many people thinks the world owes them a living. They need to think again and it’s quite possible, this line of thinking is actually doing more harm by pushing people and opportunities away.

28. Thoughts– Sometimes our brains develop negative patterns or loops where we automatically revert back to what we have always done, good or bad.

It takes 21-days straight days to form a new habit and another 90-days to cement it in. What habits would you like to change that don’t serve you well anymore?

29. Set up and stick to a routine.We are creatures of habit; and good habits, such as doing the same thing over and over, creates efficiency. It may seem boring, but with efficiency, we are capable of completing so much more. The same goes for any bad habits we have; how much time are we losing each day doing things that don’t serve us and actually lead us from our successes?

30. Let go of grudges and resentment. They don’t serve you in any way. By letting them go, your life will feel so much lighter.

31. Know who you really are. Make a list and know your values, maybe a new list from the new you. If you don’t like the current you, intentionally go out and redesign yourself to the person you see yourself becoming. Give yourself a makeover and start to live it. Not just the clothes, but how you need to think as well.

32. Enjoy a part of every day.Be on the constant lookout for special little moments and physically stop to take notice. These are the moments that make us smile. These are the moments that make everything seem worthwhile.

They are there every day, we just don’t see them.

Spend some time on these words, write a sentence on each one and reflect.








Limitless Possibilities.

Set your goals and push yourself to see what you are capable of and what you can achieve

You only have one life, and this is it.

The majority of people are sleepwalking through life and worse than that, are passing this aimlessness onto their kids. Please don’t let that be your, your kids deserve better.

Be the person who wakes up early and has one thing on their mind…

How can I live my best life?

  • How can I improve on what I did yesterday?
  • How can I live a healthier life, a more active life?
  • How can I improve my financial situation?
  • How can I be a better provider?
  • How can I be a better parent?
  • How can I be a better spouse?
  • How can I be more loving?
  • How can I be a better person to those around me?
  • How can I be better at everything I do?
  • How can I get more out of my day?

If this is something you aspire to, click on this link…

  • Don’t eat junk food or fast food
  • Exercise for at least 1-hour every second day
  • Become a flexitarian – reduce the amount of meat you eat
  • Don’t watch other people living their lives – live your own
  • Take the stairs where possible
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t do drugs
  • Read a book every week
  • Create a playlist of your all-time favourite songs to inspire you
  • Don’t accept mediocrity or a settled for life – You are not AVERAGE
  • Never retire
  • Work Less, Work Smart, Work Hard
  • Find a way to give back
  • Find a mentor
  • Look for beautiful things
  • Don’t worry
  • Don’t lose control – Be monk-like
  • Meditate
  • Belong to a group, one with weekly interaction with others
  • Don’t drink energy drinks
  • Don’t eat sugar-based products
  • Don’t eat high carbohydrate level foods for your evening meal
  • Get regular massages
  • Face your fears
  • Continually challenge yourself
  • Travel extensively
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol – Once a week and 1-2 drinks only
  • Limit computer games to 1-hour per week
  • Get back to nature
  • Try something new every 90-days
  • Keep a journal

Splurges or Binge watching

Once a month allow yourself a day to do anything you want apart from anything harmful to your body. Ice-cream is allowed on your splurge day.

Extremists above all else, believe and live life through the Japanese word…

KAIZEN – Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement

Hope you liked the article…

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The past is the past and the future does not exist,
There is only now and what you do with it.


Life is a Daring Adventure or Nothing at All