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Do you smell something fishy?

An extract from the XTL Journals

Have you ever bought something or made a decision where after a while you wish you didn’t?

Where you ended up getting burned, losing money and being deceived.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but unless you fall into the exact same scenario, it rarely helps.

One thing that does help is your intuition or gut instinct.

How many situations have you been in where your gut was telling you not to do it and you ended up doing it anyway? How many times have you been burned?

If something smells funny or your spidy senses are tingling, it usually is.

Marketing firms have become so good at presenting a product or service with fancy displays, slick promotors and all the hype that they can come up with. This is all purely designed to suck you into a false sense of trust.

The fancier the presentation is, it normally means the bigger the price tag and the bigger the con-job and rip-off at the end.

I have bought services that look and sound absolutely amazing, only to find the after sales service non-existent.

If what is being present has major drama or show-like quality about it, the bigger the wall you should put up and the louder the alarm bells should be ringing.

DO NOT, and I REPEAT, DO NOT get sucked into what is on offer. 99% of the time you will lose money.  

Why do we reject one of our strongest senses? A sense we have mostly switched off or forgotten how to use.

If you get the smallest inkling as to something being fishy, don’t reject it over all the hype, trust it and walk away.

Even if there is no hype, like when buying a house, if it doesn’t feel right, walk away. You will know when it does feel right. Do not let your head over-rule your heart or gut.

Every single time in the past I ignored my instinct, I lost money. Please learn from my mistakes and don’t do the same.

Hope this helps you in saving money

Yours in positive thoughts,


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